Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Books, Books, Books

My Promethean board is finally working great, we used the clickers, and we just spent two days doing some light research on the iPads. It's been a good few days technology-wise. I also just discovered Scholastic Reading Club's TAB - middle school book order form!!! Hooray! I'm really hoping I can get some orders so I can earn some free books!

Speaking of books... my first period class is chock full of readers. I have a small classroom library that I really want to grow, but it has about 175 books in it at current. I try really hard to have high interest reads for my kids, and I seek out books I know get checked out of the library a lot. We don't have library orientation until Friday, so the kids can't check them out of the library until then, but they have already put my little classroom library through its paces! I have a library log where they write down their name, class period, date, title, and author of the book they are checking out, then they date it when they turn it back in. First period alone has filled up three log pages. I have a few who are on their fourth or fifth book.

I keep a "Shopping List" pinned to the bulletin board closet to the door where the kids can request books. I got two requests added to it on Friday, so I went this weekend and bought those two (along with several more). The girls who requested those two, plus the girl who loves Natalie Friend, for whom I bought two more Natalie Friend novels, were ECSTATIC!!! I also got the first three novels in the Beautiful Creatures series, Divergent, Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series, three of the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod books, and a hefty handful of others. I LOVE Second & Charles. I pay anywhere from $1 to $4 for most of my books. I did pay $7 for a Libba Bray book that I needed to replace one that got lost last year. One of my girls started Great and Terrible Beauty, and I told her if she liked it after she got a few chapters in that I'd buy a new copy of Rebel Angels.

Ugh. Now I have to grade Panem maps. Wonder how many I'll get through before I pass out...

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