Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week '13 - Let's Talk About Me

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Today is "Let's Talk About Me," so here are ten little-known tidbits about lil ol' me!

1) I moved 13 times by the time I was 26! BUT I was only in two school systems. 
2) I'm a TOTAL nerd. In fact, I met my husband at a popular culture/sci-fi convention. 
3) I knew the sex of both of my kids before I was even pregnant. 
4) I've been teaching for eight years, and in that time I've taught seven different classes in four grades, in five schools, in four systems. Good thing I'm okay with change!
5) I'm a total techie. I love anything to do with technology, and I want to get my masters in Ed tech. 
6) I'm also a total professional development junkie. I will go to EVERY pd I can! I've even agreed to pay part of the expenses so I can go to ISTE next summer!
7) I don't match socks. I don't mean that I wear socks that don't match. I mean that I refuse, and instead throw them all in a basket for Hubs to match!
8) I love a view, but I hate being outside. I hate bugs, I hate heat, I hate cold, I hate snow, I hate sweating... I could keep going
9) I wear contacts, and without them I'm almost legally blind. I asked my eye doctor once what my "number" is ( like perfect is 20/20, what am I?). He laughed. When he regained his composure (the second time) he regretfully informed me that it doesn't go that high. I can't see the big E.
10) I'm the ONLY eighth grade teacher in my district. I have 143 students in five periods this coming year. I've never in my life been in such a small district, and I LOVE it! Our superintendent knows the name of every teacher in our school. That amazed me at Institute last year!

Okay, that's ten random, hopefully somewhat interesting things about me! 

Tomorrow is classroom reveal, which I've already done, but I'll have a few more pics for you!

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